Dear Exhausted Parents of Restless Children,

If you are finally ready to change the balance of energy in your home, then this could be the most important message you've ever read.

After seeing results with autistic and schizophrenic children by customizing their sleep environments, we feel that zPods are safe spaces for all children to find more calm, comfort, and most of all, sleep. 

Learn how Natalie went from sleeping in her closet to sleeping 11 hours a night in her new bed. And, her mom no longer has to check on her.

***Note: make sure you don't miss our follow up interviews with Natalie and her mother further down this page... so amazing! ❤

Before getting her zPods bed, Natalie was sleeping in her closet and constantly waking up scared.

Natalie had been diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia. When Natalie would feel scared she would start ringing her private doorbell for her mom, Leah. She would then come and comfort Natalie throughout the night.

Leah felt very open to the idea of seeing if there was anything that could help Natalie find better sleep and a more comfortable safe space. 

Not to mention, maybe Leah could find a better night of sleep as she was exhausted as well. 

Learn how Ethan is no longer sleeping in his parent's bed as he found his new safe space.

As all of us exhausted parents can imagine...'s been one heck of a journey on finding proper rest in the household. We talk about the household because we know that when kids don't sleep well, 'we' as parents don't sleep well.

In the old days, it use to be mostly adults that struggled with sleep; whereas the children would sleep like babies, hence the term, 'sleep like a baby.'

However, the world is changing and children are no longer sleeping like babies.

The American Academy of Family Physicians are saying that up to 50% of children will experience some sort of sleep challenge. 

If this statistic rings true, then it's likely that parents are going to have issues sleeping. Especially, if their children are having difficulty. 

Not to mention if the children can sleep better then their parents can find more alone time to laugh, relax, and not be as overwhelmed.

Listen to our President, George Bailey and his 2 Children With Autism explain zPods on Fox 2 News.

Through George's experiences as a parent of children with autism, he has developed a strong belief that...

"If we can help children that don't sleep well, we can change the lives of not just children, but the entire family."

As George understands the challenges his children face, he became in love with zPods as they can provide a safe space for children when he saw his son interact with this bed for the first time.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about George's son, Joseph.

Joseph is 12 years old and has autism, a chronic sleep disorder, and a sensory processing disorder.

Much to George’s concern, Joseph often dances around his room late at night, waving plastic utensils to calm himself (stimming).

Finally, George connected the dots and thought about introducing Joseph to zPods because of its unique ability to create a comfortable and secure sleeping safe space.


George will never forget the first thing he noticed when Joseph saw our zPods.

As Joseph (a.k.a. 'Joe Joe') sat peacefully in the zPod George noticed that he was no longer stimming. 


Some of you might be thinking, 

“Okay, what is stimming?” 

Stimming has been interpreted as a protective response to overstimulation that can be seen in children with autism.


Many people use stimming to block less predictable environmental stimuli to which they may have a heightened sensitivity.

Watch how ‘Joe Joe’ started stimming less.

After observing 'Joe Joe', George felt an emotion that he never thought he would feel. Something that every parent wants to feel when they see their children finding peace, comfort, and security.


George then became obsessed with using zPods™ to support children with autism along with all children who need sensory deprivation.

George started thinking more deeply about  themes that experts deliver to parents of children with autism:

  1. The room should be quiet at night. Some children may find white noise or a quiet, and consistent background noise such as a ceiling fan or air filter to be rather calming.

  2. The bedroom should be comfortable, quiet, and dark with the option of adding a dim light to their bedroom.

  3. If there is light coming in through the bedroom window, adding darker curtains could be necessary.

zPods focuses on putting into practice all of these themes so it encompasses the outcomes projected by these recommendations.

Therefore, we feel we are on the right track to helping children find the comfort and security they desire.


And, supporting children with autism in finding better sleep.

And before we go any further, you need to know that our zPods are made for adults as well!

We recently welcomed our very first adult to the zPods family! Or as we like to say, our first zzzDult.


This lady and her little doggy started their very first zPods adventure! So technically it's our first zzzDog as well. (The dog didn't actually pay, she's just along for the ride) 

The length of our bed is 6 feet 5 inches so it's not just made for kids but for adults as well. 

If you are an adult and interested in purchasing a bed for yourself then feel free to send us a message below.

You need to believe that something different can happen.

This is something that we want families all over the world to think about...

Believe and always believe that something different can happen than you originally expected. 

In the picture above is George Bailey's daughter, Madeline, who also has autism. 

Let's just say, Madeline fell asleep earlier than normal. She fell asleep before the sun went down. ❤

Her father officially became a believer that something different can happen. 

And this is what we want more than anything. 

Every time we've seen success with a family they usually say something like,

"We never thought this could happen."


"We would never believe that this would be possible."

It's an emotional surprise that we want every family to feel when they see changes in their lives... the emotion on Madeline's face when she talks about calming herself when she's sad and angry ❤

Natalie's progress has given her mother


When Natalie was sleeping in her closet, her mom would have to check on her 3-4 hours into the night.


And! She would have to wake up multiple times a night to comfort Natalie.

A mother will do anything to comfort their child and give them all the love and help they deserve.

However, parents need their rest as well. 

With zPods™ the whole family can get more sleep.

Natalie now sleeps 11 hours straight on most occassions in her new safe space.


Which is amazing for her!


And, her mother Leah gets that extra bit of sleep she was looking for.

Some nights she might get an extra 3-4 hours of sleep because Natalie is sleeping like a baby.

Imagine how much more rested Leah feels now.

Over 365 days a year, that can be a total of an extra 45 days of sleep.


And you might be thinking,


“45 days? Where did we get that from?”

3 hours per night x 365 days per year = 1,095 hours total.

1,095 hours divided by 24 hours = 45 days.

Just imagine how much more rested Leah feels because Natalie is sleeping 11 hours straight.

There are so many people that would not put a price on finding that much more sleep.

Listen to Leah's update about Natalie!

So, after hearing Leah talk about Natalie being scared again while the family was on vacation we came up with a new idea...

How cool would it be if we could get zPods into hotels to accommodate children with special needs? 

So we decided to add to our mission.

We are now mass producing zPods™ so we can start accommodating children outside their homes!

We realize this concept is not as simple as it sounds. 

But! With this feedback we are in the process of pushing this concept with hotel chains.

As stated by the CDC, as 1 in 59 children under the age of 8 will have autism, it seems like preparation for this accommodation in hotels could be necessary.

If you are a hotel owner and want to accommodate children with special needs...

By the way, you have to hear the full story about how Ethan got his zPod Double! A special note that put love in his father's heart ❤

The writing in the picture may be a little fuzzy, but here's what Ethan wrote:

"Dear Dad,

Can you buy me a zPod please? 

I will make sure the are turned off. 

I will help with the patio. 

I will give you extra massages. 

I will help with not asking for so much stuff for Christmas.

I will help with taking care of it. 

Now will you get me a zPod?

Your son



Let's just say, Ethan got his wish!

Not only is Ethan no longer sleeping in his parent's bed, he is now developing a lifestyle that supports his level of comfort and security. Also, he has a place where his friends can come and hang out.

Note: Ethan is not diagnosed with autism. He is just a child that has trouble sleeping alone and is always wired.

As a parent, ask yourself this question...


"Would you like more alone time because your kids have a place to hang?"


While Ethan and his friends are hanging out, they can have alone time from their parents. 


Almost like the kids have their own private, play area.

And, their parents can have alone time as well. 

Remember, being a parent can be overwhelming at times.


We don't say this in a bad way like you should have any guilt for needing alone time from your children.


But lets face it, many parents need their alone time to rest and recover from being a loving and energized parent. 

Now some of you might be thinking, "What are different ways to pay for my bed?"

We understand that there are some people who need different financial options because hey, we get it, many of us have multiple financial priorities.

Which is why we want to make sure you have the right options to support this life changing purchase.


We realize that some families are looking for lending options to finance their zPod.

If this is the first time you started learning about the zPods story...

...we are honored that you've taken the time to learn about our passion for helping families all over the world. It's been an amazing journey thus far and we look forward to having you apart of it.

Please keep up with us on the zBlog and our social media platforms. Or, if you get busy and want to hear from us personally, then subscribe to our newsletter.

-The zPods Family

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