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At zPods®, we're thrilled that kids of all ages and backgrounds love our unique sleep solutions. In particular, we consider it an honor that neurodivserse children are especially attracted to our beds, which is why we love giving special attention to these children's needs.

zPods® President George Bailey is a father of five, two of whom are autistic. He and the other founders were thrilled to see our beds work so effectively with neurodiverse children, who are disproportionately susceptible to sleep challenges. Our first case study was Natalie, a young woman with autism and schizophrenia who saw dramatic changes in her sleep performance after sleeping in a zPods® bed. Scroll down and click below to learn more about her story and the stories of others.


We recognize that neurodiverse children come from families with varying levels of income. With therapies and special dietary and clothing requirements, these families can often be strapped for cash. We want to keep our business thriving to refine and advance the effectiveness of our sleep tool and reach more kids. But we also put a high priority on providing these beds to any family that needs one. 

To that end, we’ve been working hard to partner with programs, both governmental and private, that provide families with the things they need to help these children thrive. Our successes with grants, disability waivers, and other government programs have come because of hardworking parents who’ve advocated for their children and become familiar with navigating these sometimes confusing, bureaucratic systems. We’ve supported them by helping them learn some of the things they’ll need to have to most likely succeed. We’ve even testified in hearings and appeals, when requested. 

Currently, we’re working with autism and sleep researchers to quantify the benefit of our zPod so that we qualify for insurance, including Medicaid. This undertaking is a slow process, but we're determined to make our beds as accessible as possible.

If you believe that you have access to funding programs that might be able to help with afford one of our beds, please contact us. We're excited to help.


​We’ve been privileged to work with terrific families in the special needs community, and many of their stories are heartwarming and encouraging. We’ve been given permission to collect and share some of them here. Please click if you'd like to learn more. 

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