• Doors: new designed sliding doors that are easy to install and remove. This change in door design makes it easier to make and clean the bed or to leave the front open for those who prefer. We will also offer door design to match room decor. Watch our website for future door designs to match room decor. 


  • Control panel: The bed comes with a BLE 5.0 bluetooth connected control panel that can be controlled via the zPods App either from inside the bed or outside the bed by use of your mobile phone or tablet. By using the zPods App through your smart device, parents may lock and unlock selected features of the bed depending on the maturity of their child. 


  • Speakers: The bed comes with two Bluetooth speakers. Connect to the speakers with your smart device (tablet, phone, etc...) and pipe in white noise, calming music, or whatever sound makes your child feel safe and relaxed.


  • Fan system: The new generation 2 bed offers two fans positioned to help with better air circulation. Watch for updates on our zPod product page for the new zPod scented and filter technology that will attach to the fans. 


  • Assembly: This bed ships flat and will require roughly thirty minutes of assembly time for two people and is far more intuitive in its setup. Also each for one person to carry the parts and set up. 


  • Dimensions: The zPods Gen 2 Single is approximately 4.25 feet tall, 4.25 feet wide, and 7.25 feet long. 

Generation 2 (Made in USA) - zPods Single

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