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zPods In Co-Working Spaces

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

When starting the zPod Family, our main focus was/is sleepless children and learning how it can be helpful to children with autism. However, along this journey we needed a place to present the zPod. Therefore, we put our zPod Double in our co-working space at the OPO Startups based in St. Charles, MO. This was our first office. We honestly didn't have any intention of using zPods in Co-Working Spaces. It's easy to say that this was a random test run.

Here are 2 main things that we noticed:

  1. As co-working spaces can create an environment that revolves around freedom of creativity, the zPod is an outlet for professionals to focus. As we all know, the work environment can be rigid depending on the situation. The zPod creates the outlet for people to step aside, relax their mind, and enjoy some alone time. (In the general sense)

  2. As it is a sleeping pod, there are many people that enjoy occasional naps during work breaks. Long days can be energy draining. The opportunity for naps can be beneficial for better work productivity.

So here's a the next question:

How can zPods be beneficial to the owners of a co-working space?

When drawing new brands and businesses to the space, it can be advantageous to offer a good product. If you believe that your co-working space provides the opportunity for people to have more flexibility in their work environment and less rigidity, then this could intrigue your consumers.

As the owner of a co-working space, imagine this..

A new business comes to take a tour of the co-working space. They are getting all the broad strokes and the fine details... the office space, the coffee bar, the silent rooms, the usual... then all of a sudden you surprise a potential tenant with this new idea...

...a zPod or multiple zPods.

And you say something to the effect of:

"zPods are the future for work/life balance in co-working spaces as they give people an outlet to rest and chill."

Or something that you feel can sell the customer on your space.

Remember, potential patrons are looking for spaces that is different from the past. Something that provides flexibility, less rigidity, and creativity.

And to be honest, so much of the underlying meaning of co-working spaces are creativity or creative thinking to enhance the work environment and productivity. And...

Less stress!

Some of you may say,

"Yes, less stress because it's less expensive to work in a co-working space."

Absolutely true, however, the added bonus of a less expensive overhead is also the value of the environment.

For a moment imagine this... you are a business owner that decided to downsize on a brick and mortar space that is $3000 a month that is a boring work environment with massive headaches. Headaches from what? Dealing with the cost of the building and infrastructure... gas, electricity, etc...

You've finally hit that breaking point and want to completely distress...

...and, be in an environment where it's more free, flexible, comfortable, and relaxing for a lower price. The starting point of the co-working space can definitely be the lower priced option. However, the added X-Factor of the work environment are the details of the work environment.

As a business owner who is downsizing their space and moving to a co-working space, imagine if you found a space that had a zPod where you knew that you could find a mid day break for some type of rest... such as a 20 minute meditation, or even a 20 minute nap.

Remember, so many business owners push themselves through the grind and hustle... it's all about growth and creating a profit. However, a zPod may never occur to them to be a valuable option that could improve the quality of their work. This would be a great example of why the zPod could work well in a co-working space and be an added value for their patrons.

If you are interested in learning about different ways a zPod can be helpful in any environment, feel free to message us with your questions:


-The zPods Family

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