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What If Story Time Before Bed Time Is No Longer Enough?

‘Once upon a time. In a galaxy far, far away...’ a line that gets Joe Joe focused, relaxed, and calm just like many other ‘Star Wars’ fans.

George Bailey’s son, Joe Joe, was diagnosed with autism and has trouble calming his mind where he struggles to get a good night of sleep. His favorite stories like ‘Star Wars’ do serve a special purpose in his life. Like we said, he immediately is drawn into the story and finds himself in a place that is blissful. ⁣

An old past time that many of us can understand are the memories of drifting off to sleep during our favorite stories. When it comes to sleep function, great bedtime stories can be amazing. But sometimes, stories may not be enough.

Which leads us to this question:

"What if story time before bedtime is no longer enough?

There can be many reasons why story time isn't the only reason a person may not find themselves restful and sleepy after a good story.

Of course the zPod Family likes to have a little fun and use the thought process of Once upon a time in a new context:

Such as,⁣

‘Once upon a time, the zPods family came up with a unique idea of how to look at sleep from a new understanding.’⁣

And what understanding is that?⁣

An understanding that healthy sleep is not always that simple. Better yet, a good bedtime story may not be enough. A new life story with new lifestyle tools and sleep support may be the new story that can help children find better sleep. Sometimes, completely changing a child's entire environment can be beneficial to support their comfortable and sleeping safe space.

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-The zPods Family

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