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We Sure Need Sleep

Anybody who knows Lee Cockerell, former vice president of operations at Walt Disney World Resort, knows that he’s a believer in a healthy diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep. Those habits are among the few practices that Lee recommends you be able to do really well. Regarding the last of that trio, good sleep is important advice for maintaining your health, improving your thought process, and avoiding bad days.

Good sleep, as important as it is, is becoming increasingly difficult during the stress of the pandemic. It’s worse for some parents because they are raising special needs children who already have sleep disorders and other challenges that seem only to be getting worse with all the change in their normal routines. This hurts parents both at home and at work.

That’s why zPods has started a GoFundMe to help out those parents and their children for whom sleep has been a particularly great challenge during COVID. “We get a lot of inquiries from parents who really need the help of our tech but who can’t afford it,” says George Bailey, the company’s president and father of five, two of which have autism. “These families have heartbreaking stories of only sleeping five or four or even three hours a night. It’s really hurting these parents’ ability to provide.”

zPods has a number of success stories helping children make tremendous progress in their sleep, which has had a positive impact on parents as well. Now it hopes to use this GoFundMe campaign as an opportunity to help families in less fortunate circumstances. You can learn more about their GoFundMe campaign and to see the bed by clicking here.

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