Thinking Of Ways To Support Healthy Sleep?

We have been finding that our beds have been a game changer for so many families. With our special features– including lighting and temperature control–we at zPods believe our bed can play a key role in solving your child’s sleep issues. Now, for your best chance of success, we recommend you pair use of your zPods bed with behavioral techniques from the sleep experts.

Here are some key practices:

Create a routine. A posted sleep schedule with a consistent routine will help everyone in the family stay on track, from lights out to wakeup time. As the child accomplishes each step, you can give them rewards for everything from brushing their teeth to staying in their room. Use sleep training. If your child relies on your presence to fall and stay asleep, sleep training is a good tool to use. It involves gradually moving farther away from your child until they’re able to sleep independently. If you are lying in the zPods bed with your child, you might adapt this style of sleep training by moving to a chair next to them, just holding hands. Over time, you’d move your chair farther and farther away until you no longer need to use this strategy. Of course, it’s fine to read a story to a younger child or hug an older one. Just remember, this process can take time and patience. Use the zPods bed for sleep: The experts say that the best sleep hygiene includes making the bed for sleep only, making it part of a ritual that signifies “it’s time to rest.” Your child may want to play in their zPods bed and if they still get a good night’s sleep, we’re all for it! But if you find they aren’t, you may want to try making it a place for sleep only. Make the zPods bed a safe space: Children should not be sent to their bed as punishment. They should always feel like their zPods bed is a place where they can feel calm and happy. Meditation and relaxation techniques. Meditation apps can help kids calm down and go to sleep. A warm, calming bath. If this is done one to two hours before bedtime, this can cause children to become sleepy.

A cool, dark room. While your zPods bed has temperature controls and doors that help block out light, you can enhance those features by lowering the room temperature and installing blackout curtains or shades.

A weighted blanket. There is anecdotal evidence a weighted blanket can help. Just be sure it’s not too heavy and hot.

Make the zPods bed comforting and familiar. Be sure to include your child’s favorite calming stuffed animals. Make their pod a fun place they want to stay inside.

When to go for professional help

Chances are you’ve already been talking with professionals about your child’s sleep needs. But maybe buying your zPods bed has been your first attempt to help your child get better sleep.

If your zPods bed and these additional behavioral techniques don’t solve your child’s sleep issues, it’s time to check with your pediatrician to rule out things like asthma, sleep apnea, or medication side effects. If a child needs a sleep study, there are some that can be done at home.

In addition, disorders beyond autism and sensory issues such as depression, bipolar, ADHD, and OCD can all interfere with sleep. If your child has any of these diagnoses, talk to their clinician. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or CBT-I, can be effective for some children.

Last, you might consider taking a look at the following sleep coaches or organizations:

· Sleepably helps people of all ages get more healthy, refreshing sleep.

· Well Rested Wee Ones helps babies sleep well so that the whole family sleeps well.


This list of tips is, by no means, comprehensive. Each child is unique and requires an individually tailored solution. Our hope for you is that our bed will give your child a safe place in which to control the environment so that they can sleep and relax more effectively.

If you have any further questions about our beds then do not hesitate to send us a message:

-The zPods Family

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