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Learn How Ethan Is No Longer Sleeping In His Parent's Bed

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

For 6 years Ethan had been sleeping in his parents' bed. It can be common for many children to find comfort and attachment to being close to their parents. However, his parents started to become concerned and worried. Obviously, they were concerned because none of them were getting a good night of sleep. However, they were also concerned on other accounts. They started asking themselves this question:

"How is Ethan going to find strength, comfort, and independence as a young man?"

As a person, Ethan will be on his own one day and needs to find comfort in sleeping on his own. Something had to change in in order to create more rest and love in the household.

Then one day, a new idea popped into his father's head after doing research on sleeping concepts. His father, Gary, came across a sleeping pod concept when he was living in China. After studying the concept, he showed it to Ethan to see his reaction.

Lets just say he was beyond curious and even ecstatic! Then, it was only a matter of time where Ethan chose to write his father a wishful note. As his hand writing might be a little fuzzy, here is what the note said:

"Dear Dad,

Can you buy me a zPod please? I will make sure the lights are turned off. I will help with the patio. I will give you extra massages. I will help with not asking for so much stuff for Christmas. I will help with taking care of it.

Now will you get me a zPod?

Your Son,


Lets just say, Ethan's wish came true.

Not only is Ethan no longer sleeping in his parent's bed, he is now developing a lifestyle that supports his level of comfort and security. Also, he has a place where his friends can come and hang out.

Watch this wonderful video of Ethan in his new world:

To keep up with Ethan and how he continues to progress with life in his zPod, follow him on the following platforms:



-The zPods Family

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