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Natalie Crossed Her Fingers, Toes, and Feet.

Recently, we got to catch up with a special person to the zPods Family, Natalie. For those that don’t remember, Natalie was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia and had been sleeping in her closet. She was also only getting a couple hours of sleep per night and waking up in hot sweats most nights.

Her mom would have to constantly check on her so Natalie felt comfortable and not scared.⁣ On many occasions her mom would sleep with her in the closet or at the very least, sit and comfort her.

Once she got her zPod, she no longer sleeps in her closet and now sleeps 11 hours per night.

And, her mom gets an extra 3-4 hours of sleep per night too.

So we were visiting Natalie to check up on her zPod and make sure everything was running smoothly. It was amazing to see how happy and cheerful she was. From the first time we saw her and to the anecdotal difference of her energy was beyond amazing. ⁣She's truly such a sweet heart.

And! She is quite the jokester. As we were checking on her zPod to make sure everything was running smoothly, she wanted to make extra sure that it was fine and dandy. ⁣

To have a little fun we said to Natalie:

"Natalie, cross your fingers."

For an added prayer, she stood in the middle of her room and crossed her fingers, toes, and feet. So of course we said,

"Natalie, don't forget your eyes as well."

She said with a playful laugh,

"No no no, I make the rules."

We were all laughing and having an enjoyable conversation of playful banter. And of course, everything was fine in her zPod. ⁣

Looks like Natalie’s extra prayers came true.

***Watch below to see a little up close interview with Natalie in her zPod.

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-The zPods Family

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