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Super Kids Finding Their Super Powers

Imagine a time when you were kid. You might have seen your favorite super hero movie or cartoon. There are many popular super heroes like Superman, Batman, Spider-man, or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But what makes super heroes seem inspiring and magical? Is it because they can do things that no one else can do? Many people would probably agree on that.

Let's think about super heroes from a different perspective for a second and look at another reason for their super powers.

They have energy. Lots of it! It may sound too simple but it's absolutely true.

Super heroes can do the things that they do because they have this super power. Think back to a classic Spider-man scene. What's he doing? He's jumping from building to building not only with explosiveness; but, for long periods of time with less fatigue. And, he evokes positive energy with the sound of his voice. For a kid to become a super kid or super child, the following super power needs the ultimate support system:

To deliver positive energy, consistently and over long periods of time.

Every parent knows their child is at their best when they are the happiest. Every parent knows that when their child is not properly rested their energy is way less desirable when going through daily activities as a family.

This is what can make the zPods so powerful for children and their families. If you have a child that does not love their sleeping environment, it's a higher likelihood that they will not maximize their basic and fundamental super power. We could easily add the smile into a child's super power symptom. When a child is more rested a major symptom can be extensive amounts of love and smiles.

As a parent, think back to the one occasion of the epic meltdown in a public place where you literally say to yourself,

"Why here? Why now? Why are you making us the center of attention in this place right now?"


"Please don't cry, please don't be loud. All these people are watching us."

There are many reasons why children can be crabby, fussie, and non compliant. But, if you we're talking about super powers like spider-man leaping from building to building with a smile on his face, in most of these circumstances I would probably say something like:

"Are you using your super power? Are we being happy, loving, and positive?"

Many children would just keep crying and being fussy. However, imagine if they were more rested after healthier nights of rest and sleep? Do you think it would increase their chances of having more smiles and less meltdowns? At the end of the day only you can truly understand your child best.

At zPods we are trying to find the most powerful ways to give children the opportunity to maximize their super powers. Every child's super power is going to be specific to them, but better rest can give them more opportunities to find positive energy. Why is positive energy so important? So they can maximize their super powers.

Below is a picture of Natalie in her zPod. Natalie has autism and schizophrenia and was sleeping in her closet. Most nights she would wake up in hot sweats and needing her mother to comfort her. Once getting her zPod she now sleeps 11 hours per night and her mom doesn't have to check on her hardly ever. Or better yet, let's just say her super power is being maximized in a way she never expected.

Click the link below if you would like to hear more about Natalie's story.

-The zPods Family

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