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Make The Chase Stop!

Imagine a time as a parent and you just got home from work after a long day. ⁣And let’s say it was a really really long day. However, nothing makes you more excited that playing with your little ones.

As soon as you walk through the door it’s like the fog has been lifted. ⁣You’ve regained your energy that felt absolutely drained after a long day. Play time has commenced. You are running ‘round and round’ with non stop smiles with your kids.⁣

However, all of a sudden, it’s 9pm. Or 10pm. Maybe even 11pm.⁣

And you realize as much as you want to keep playing with your kids they need to get in bed. Not only do they need a good night sleep, but you have another long day tomorrow as well.⁣

⁣You finally say,⁣

“Alright, time for bed!”⁣

And then... this is where the chase begins.

They want to keep playing because heck, they are having a blast! Which, nothing might be better than having amazing family fun.⁣ However, now you’re chasing them all over the house.⁣

“It’s bedtime, cmon!” ⁣

Still doesn’t work. Next thing you know... it’s getting later and later and you are already dreading the next day.

Imagine if you could find a way to have an amazing time with your kids but no longer had to chase.

Imagine if you had family fun but all of a sudden they took the initiative to get ready for bed. ⁣

Imagine if they centered their evenings around the excitement for bed time because they love their place of rest so much.⁣ In the zPods family this is our focus. We want to use zPods to support a mindset and mentality that can enhance your family’s lifestyle which delivers something powerful...⁣

Rest, energy, and love.

How so?⁣ If the kids find more rest, then the parents find more rest.⁣ If everyone finds more rest, than everyone finds more energy.⁣

If the family has more energy, then the family can give more love.

-The zPods Family

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