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How The zPods Family Came Together

Gary Kellmann, CEO and Co-Founder, became excited as a zPods™ helped his 8-year-old son, Ethan, who was sleeping in his parent's bedroom. Gary had casually brought the idea to Ethan to see if it peaked his interest. As a result, Ethan had to write a note to his father with a little request. In case the writing is a little fuzzy, read below:

"Dear Dad,

Can you buy me a zPod please? I will make sure the lights are turned off. I will help with the patio. I will give you extra massages.

I will help with not asking for so much stuff for Christmas. I will help with taking care of it.

Now will you get me a zPod?

Your son,


Gary decided to give in and give it a shot. To his surprise, lets just say the night before the first night of sleeping in his zPod was the last night he slept in his parents' bed.

Gary immediately brought this idea to Jeff Wade as they both sit on the boards of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Gary told Jeff his dream of using zPods to help kids. He also threw in there,

"Dude who knows! Maybe these things will be on SpaceX!"

Jeff looked at Gary and simply said,

"I like it."

For those that know Jeff, he's quiet, calm and chill. So when he drops a line like that, that's his sign of emotion.

Gary and Jeff then set out to find someone that could really bring passionate emotion to our brand. Someone that understands sleepless children and can create an emotional connection with families in need. It wasn't long until they found George Bailey. A father of 5 children and 2 that have autism.

George's oldest son Joseph, has autism, a chronic sleep disorder, and a sensory processing disorder. Much to Joseph’s parents’ concern, Joseph often dances around his room late into the night, waving pencils or plastic utensils in his hands to calm himself (stimming).

When George was presented with the zPod concept his curiosity took over. If you were in his head at the time, his self talk was something like:

"Hmm, I wonder how zPods would work with my children who have autism?"

To give you an idea, here's a little sneak peak of his daughter Madeline, who has autism. After purchasing zPod for his children, her dad couldn't find her one evening and sure enough, she had fallen asleep before the sun went down. This is one of many experiences that sold him on this idea.

Needless to say, George was hooked and this is why he started working with Gary Kellmann and Jeff Wade to create the ultimate sleep solution for children.

And this is the short story in how the company, zPods™ was born!

To learn more about the zPods Family, click the link below:


-The zPods Family

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