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Hotels Can Accommodate Children With Special Needs

Updated: May 4

The zPods Family is all about helping children and families that need sleep support. Therefore, feedback is critical so that we develop an amazing product. Below is a video update from Natalie's mother, Leah. For those that have not heard about Natalie, she is a 13 year old girl who was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia. Up until this past year, Natalie had been sleeping in her closet because that’s where she thought she could find the most comfort. ⁣

Natalie would be up throughout the entire night and going into her parent’s bedroom because she was constantly feeling scared. ⁣However, once she got her zPod, everything changed! Not only is she no longer sleeping in her closet but she is now sleeping 11 hours per night and her mom does not have to check on her like she used to. ⁣

It's exciting to hear the changes that Natalie and her family continue to see in their lives. However, this video update from her mother got us thinking about another place for zPods. Watch the video below:

So Natalie finds comfort in her zPod when at home. However, when away from home things change. This is why we want to bring zPods into hotels to accommodate children with special needs.

Think about this mindset as a parent from our President, George Bailey:

"Getting your children to sleep in a hotel when you're all in the same room is really distressing. We've already been on the road for hours and need some serious rest, but all our kids want to do is bounce off the walls. A new hotel room is not a very calming sleep environment for any child. I can't tell you what feelings I would have if my children had stayed in a separate room or 'a room within a room', but I'm sure it would be a lot better. And, knowing what I know about zPods, I would gladly pay extra for a room that has a place for my kids to chill out."

- George Bailey, Father of Children with Autism

We believe that zPods is not just a concept for children individually, but a concept that can be life changing from all different perspectives and scenarios. We want to create safe spaces in more environments so that it can become a constant variable which can change the world of sleeping. Again, this is why information and feedback is invaluable to our story. The more we have, the more we can help.

-The zPods Family

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