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Did You Know Natalie Is An Amazing Artist?

A very special friend to the zPod family is an amazing drawer. Natalie, who is autistic and schizophrenic, was sleeping in her closet until she got her zPod; then, her world changed. She no longer sleeps in her closet and on some occasions sleeps 11 hours through the night in her zPod.

The creativity in this little lady's mind must not be overlooked. When looking at the walls of her room there are so many colors, images, and other artistic creatives. When walking into her room, it's almost like walking into another world. It's almost magical as you come into touch with so many of her visions, experiences, and memories.

Selfishly, there is one drawing in particular that the zPods Family absolutely loves more than anything. The drawing below took our breath away like nothing we could have ever imagined. From the beginning, our mission has been to do something special for children. Better yet, we wanted to connect with them on a emotional level that would be really special. That would make them believe that something different could happen. Feast your eyes on Natalie's masterpiece below.

To everyone thinking:

"This had to be done by a professional artist."

Our answer would be:

"You are right. It was. Her name is Natalie."

And just so everyone knows, she draws other things besides a zPod. This next one should catch your attention.

Dumbo and Lilo have made it into her artistic endeavors.

In the zPods Family we've made the ongoing joke,

"Where was Natalie when Walt Disney needed her in 1940 and 2002?"

I guess timing is everything... who knows, maybe Natalie will get the call for a future animated classic one day.

We hope everyone enjoys Natalie's artistic mind as we have.

-The zPods Family

P.S. Feel free to share this blog for Natalie. Who knows, maybe it'll pop up on social media under the right movie producer at the right time.

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