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Learn How Joseph Is Stimming Less

Joseph is 12 years old and has autism, a chronic sleep disorder, and a sensory processing disorder. Much to his father's concern, Joseph often dances around his room late at night, waving plastic utensils to calm himself (stimming).

Stimming has been interpreted as a protective response to overstimulation that can be seen in children with autism. Many people will use stimming to block less predictable environmental stimuli, to which they may have a heightened sensitivity.

After Joseph's parents had been searching and looking for new options that could their son find more peace and calmness at night time, they came across the zPod which really sparked their curiosity. After carefully studying the concept of using a safe space (sensory room) for potentially helping a child with autism, he was ready to introduce the idea to his son.

George will never forget the first thing he noticed when Joseph saw our zPods™. The glare in his eyes through his colorful glasses was obviously exciting. But, something else happened that was more special. Something that took his father's breath away.

As Joseph was relaxing and resting peacefully in the zPod, he noticed that he was no longer stimming with the plastic spoon like he normally does. It was so shocking and noticeable because Joseph is normally stimming with such rapidity. This is when his father really knew that he was onto something!

Watch the video below of Joseph interacting with the zPod.

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