🌙Ethan Is Howling At The Moon

Apparently, the zPod brings out the lion in Ethan Dragon like he’s prowling the jungle under his favorite moonlight blue.

(If the moon could turn blue)

For many years, Ethan was finding comfort by sleeping in his parent’s bed.⁣ As many know, this can happen as children are developing themselves. As they are growing and looking for independence, sometimes it can take some children longer than others to sleep on their own away from their parents.

⁣After the first night sleeping in his zPod, he never slept in his parent’s bed again.⁣ Almost like an awakening in his heart. A new world opened up in his mind. This is what makes zPods special. ⁣😁⁣


It’s not just a bed. ⁣For Ethan, it became his new home in the comfort of his home.⁣

It’s his. ⁣

And the same for his parents. ⁣They have their space as much as he has his space.⁣ As much as we love spending time with our children we also need time for ourselves. Sometimes you and your significant other need that alone time for a movie night or just a simple heart to heart or romantic evening.

It’s amazing to see Ethan sleeping better. ⁣And, amazing to see his parents sleeping better as well. Oh and by the way, when Ethan is howling at the moon like a lion in the jungle, he's not as loud as it looks. But it made for a great picture!

-The zPods Family

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