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45 Days Of Sleep Per Year

If you remember the story about Natalie, a 13-year-old girl who is autistic and schizophrenic and was sleeping in her closet, then you should remember that it was not just Natalie who was losing sleep, but her mother Leah as well.⁣ Leah would have to comfort Natalie for 3-4 hours a night until she drifted off asleep. ⁣As a parent, imagine if you are lacking that extra 3-4 hours a sleep per night for a whole year. ⁣

That’s 45 days of sleep that you are potentially missing per year.

If you have a child that is constantly restless, then there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll be restless as well, and tired. Maybe even exhausted! ⁣Imagine if there was a way to get your energy back. and find a way to help your child sleep which would also help you find more sleep. Remember, the family moves as one when they are under the same roof.

Above is a picture of George Bailey, President of zPods, and his family. The proof is in their experiences; as a parent, imagine if one or more of your children are keeping you up at night. In George's case, his oldest son Joseph tends to stay awake for most of the night as he's wired most of the time. However, once the family got their zPods, some interesting things began to happen.

For example, one evening George was looking for his daughter Madeline; the little one in the purple shirt. His dad had been searching and searching until he finally found her. Lets just say no words were necessary; and when we mean no words, we mean:

"Madeline, oh Madeline, time for bed," as her father would normally say. So why not this time? Madeline had found herself hunker down and passed out inside her zPod before the sun went down.

As a parent, imagine this type of change in the flow of the household. Normally your children could be running around to a later hour, and for some, all hours of the night. It goes without saying that the most loving and exciting aspect of this change is in your child's life. However, do not forget you as well. Being a parent takes a lot of work which can be energy draining on many occasions.

Think back to the story of Leah and Natalie; as Natalie needed her mother's love and comfort for an extra 3-4 hours of night, there's no way that Leah was going to let her daughter sleep in discomfort. Once Natalie got her zPod and started sleeping 11 hours a night, not only did she start feeling better, but her mother, Leah did as well.

Leah started getting back the 45 days of sleep per year that she had been missing.

3 hours x 365 days per year = 1095 hours

1095 hours divided by 24 hour days equals 45 days.

Hence the idea of 45 days of sleep per year that Leah may have been missing.

We don't claim that every situation in every family is going to be the same, but we think it's important to examine this area a little more carefully.

-The zPods Family

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