If you’ve come to this page, many of you might be thinking,"what are some alternative ways to pay for zPods?

Well guess what! We have so many different ideas that can help you finance a zPods bed for as low as $99.99 per month. Make sure you watch this entire video before going through the page.

First off. Our zPods Purchase comes with a 1 year warranty on electronics and 100 day trial!

We want every customer to have an incredible experience that is life changing.

Which is why when you purchase our bed you have a 100 day trial. After 100 days if you not finding the results that you would like with your child then you can return the bed.

So once you purchase your new bed, you now know how much we are devoted to you. The family. 

We also understand that there are some people who need financial assistance because hey, we get it, many of us have multiple financial priorities.

Which is why we want to make sure you have the right options to support this life changing purchase.


We realize that some families are looking for lending options to finance their zPods bed.

A great resource would be LendingTree.

LendingTree can give you multiple options in a matter of minutes and is considered a leading online loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders. 

It's a very simple process.

Click the button below to find the right option for you.

Now we do realize that everybody loves a low APR!


So, if that’s the case, we have partnered with Acima Credit.

Acima Credit offers a 90 day lease to own option with no interest payments during the first 90 days.


So, if you are a family that can pay for their zPod within the first 90 days and wants to avoid interest payments, click the button below to see if you are approved for this option.

We also offer Affirm where you can apply for approval directly through our checkout.

Affirm Logo.png

We partnered with Affirm which offers 0-30% APR and financing options of 6 weeks to 36 months.

In order to see if you will receive approval, click the button below and you will be redirected to our product checkout page. 

You will be asked to fill out all your information as if you are purchasing the product outright. However, once you get to the payment section you will have the option to click on Affirm. At this point you will be redirected to their website to apply for approval.

You will not be charged at our checkout page.

The steps will be as follows:

1. Click the button below

2. Click the product you want to purchase

3. Click 'Buy Now' on the product page

4. Fill out all necessary information as if you will be purchasing.

5. Click Affirm in the payment section and you will be redirected to their website for the approval process. 

Note: Affirm does not give financing options for Iowa or West Virginia

So let’s say that LendingTree, Acima Credit, or Affirm do not work for you, no problem, we have other ideas.

So before we get into our next option, you need to know that our mission is to eventually see health insurance coverage for our zPods. However, this option will take time.


In the mean time, if you have a great connection with your health insurance provider, it never hurts to ask the right questions. Make sure to ask your insurance provider if they offer coverage. 


You never know the response that you might get. 

Now with that said, if you’ve exhausted all options and really understand how much this bed can help your family...

...then look into launching your own, 'GoFundMe' Page.

Learn more about their fundraising ideas below:


By the way, building a campaign is actually not a daunting task. Click the button below as you may be surprised how simple it is to start a campaign.

And, as of recently we now accept Crypto Payments!

Yes! We do.

There are several different coins that we accept.


If you are interested in paying with Crypto Payments, please message us to inquire about how to purchase our bed with this method.

Disclaimer: zPods is not affiliated or have any partnership (s) with LendingTree or GoFundMe. We are simply recommending them as resources that can support knowledge on the topics that they suggest.