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Dawson is sleeping better



Sleep enhances our ability to learn, our memory, our reflexes, and our ability to think clearly and logically. It helps us cope emotionally and process stress. It fortifies our immune system, our cardiovascular system, heals damage, regulates metabolism, and washes our brain to keep our entire body running fine-tuned, energetic, and resilient. It's difficult to overstate its importance, in both adults and children.


Good Habits

All the counsel experts give in the area of habits is designed to reduce anxiety and stimulation to calm a mind for sleep when it’s time to retire for the night. Establishing a routine, keeping consistent sleep and wake times, engaging in relaxing activities, avoiding violent or scary content, not punishing a child by sending them to their sleep space—it all boils down to processing stimulation and calming a sleeper down. Our beds help children look forward to bedtime because of the calm that it provides them. The zPods® app is designed to help sleepers establish and maintain good sleep habits with consistent sleep and wake settings. Our Bluetooth speakers enhance the feeling of calm before bedtime by allowing children to listen to meditation apps, audiobooks, and gentle music tracks.

Sleep-conducive Environment

A zPods® bed begins by being a naturally calming space. Enclosure has been proven to help people process overstimulation and calm. Controlling light levels and sound also calms and de-stresses. Airflow keeps the temperature cool and comfortable so that children can fall asleep and stay asleep. In a zPods® bed, all senses can be  optimized for calming, processing stimulation, and deep restorative sleep.

Medical Factors

Diagnosing sleep problems can be difficult because an abundant variety of factors can sabotage sleep, from your emotional state to sleep hygiene to medical issues. A zPods® bed can isolate and mitigate or resolve emotional and environmental issues that prevent restful sleep. Optional HEPA filters eliminate allergens as a sleep irritant at the time of day when allergens are at their peak.

Our zPods® beds are compatible with most other sleep aids on the market, from under-mattress and wearable sensors that gauge your sleep performance to weighted blankets to antibacterial cooling sheets or bed warmers and coolers. As science and technology continue to leap forward we are excited to integrate and offer better solutions to our zPods® community.


We're excited to set you up with a new zPods® bed! If you would like to learn more about the experience of other parents, feel free to click below.

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