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What Are zPods?

zPods is the first U.S.-based company to provide kids with a customizable sleeping pod. These sleeping pods come jam-packed with features such as intelligent lighting control, white noise generation, an innovative air filter, and more. With these tools, we believe that children can find better sleep, which means parents can sleep better as well.

zPods Supports Children With Autism.

Our president, George Bailey, speaks about how he developed a connection between zPods and supporting children with autism. As a parent, George became overwhelmed with emotion when his son, Joseph, who has autism, got into our sleeping pod for the first time. Watch George's interview on "STL Live."

Why zPods For Kids?

The American Academy of Family Physicians has found that up to 50% of our children will experience some sort of sleep challenge. That number can get a lot higher for children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome or other associated disorders. This speaks to the importance of supporting children with better sleeping environments such as sleeping pods.

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