Since Ethan Dragon Started Wearing His zBlue Glasses He No Longer Has Bad Dreams.

So many kids are constantly using electronic devices before bed time. 

zBlue Glasses can be helpful in the following areas:


Reduce Eye Strain -- Reduces eye strain when using a phone, tablet, laptop, TV, or computer. 

Protect Eyesight -- Can support healthy eyesight by blocking the blue light from digital screens.

Supports Night Time Rest -- Blocking blue light while on electronics can be calming to the mind before bed time. 

Some people are on their electronic screens for Hours and Hours a Day!

Between phones, tablets, computers, and televisions, many people may live half their days and therefore half their lives through an electronic screen.

If you are in this vicinity...

Or your kids are in this vicinity of screen time...

We should really talk about a powerful habit that is low cost and can be duplicated for the rest of a person's life. 

As we have discussed, the digital world has a low chance of going down and a high chance of becoming the way of the world. 

The way that we retain and learn knowledge with the most ease is through an electronic screen. 

Therefore it seems logical to invest in experimenting with blue blocking eye glasses to see if it can be a beneficial habit.

Remember, some people are on electronic screens for 6 hours a day or more!

And of course... and let's not forget. They look cool on kids!

When Ethan Dragon got his zBlue Glasses...

And by the way, that really is his name. Some people ask themselves,

"Wait a minute, is that like a fake name or something?"

No, it's actually his name.

When he first got his glasses and his dad told them that they could be helpful while spending time on his electronics, Ethan was a bit skeptical. So, he tested them out to see if they actually block blue light

Watch Ethan Test His zBlue Glasses

After this blue light test, Ethan's mind was blown away! He was kind of like:

"Okay dad, I'll try them. Even if it's just a magic trick, they're cool so I'll wear them while playing my video games."

It could have been coincidence, but Ethan noticed that once he started wearing the glass that he was no longer having bad dreams! 

Even his dad was like,

"No way! Come on! Well, for only $14.99 it's not breaking the bank account so either way, it seems like a good ROI  (Return On Investment)."


Ethan's dad actually used those words in front of Ethan, only because he likes teaching his son about money, finance, and business.

According to research...

People have become attentive to the influence of light pollution on their eyes. Short-wave blue light can be related to eye light damage.


High energy blue light can pass through the cornea and lens to the retina which may cause issues such as dry eyes, cataract, excess stimulation to the brain, inhibiting melatonin secretion, and enhancing adrenocortical hormone production.


This can potentially disrupt hormone balance and affect sleep quality. 

Now, for some people this can be a mouthful. But, the key area that caught our attention is excess stimulation to the brain and sleep quality. 

If we think back the feedback that Ethan noticed when trying zBlue Glasses for the first time and no longer having bad dreams, we've started connecting the dots. 

And here's the interesting thing, if Ethan had not liked the glasses or better yet, enjoyed them, they are only $15.99 per pair. Therefore, it seemed like a good experience for such a low price. 

Due to the evolution in society, many kids are encouraged to learn from home.

Based on some of the previous knowledge we discussed about blue light and it's effects, some of you might be thinking,


"So, are you saying technology is pure evil? Especially for the health of our children?"


Not necessarily. We are just helping you understand that the world may not be perfect and that we need to seek all the tools available. As a parent, just make sure your kids are getting the absolute best out of their screen time. Which, we believe our zBlue Glasses can be an essential component and they are only $14.99. 

Oh and check it out! The 💤Kids decided to wear them during the making of the 💤Dance.

We feel that the zBlue Glasses can be used for many different implications. Such as using while watching television, tablets, computers, and smart phones. However, we were curious if they would stay on a child's head when jumping up and down and being rambunctious.

And sure enough, the zBlue Glasses survived the 💤Dance!

So why is this important? Especially if they are not always looking at screens.

First off, there's always blue light around us whether we like or not. Therefore, we can always choose to have more protection and eye support.

However, this is another good reason. 

A child can keep them on throughout the day without taking them off during physically demanding activities! Kind of like the 💤Dance. Of course, there are no guarantees they won't fall off; but, if they do, no sweat...

They are only $14.99; we love that our zBlue Glasses are a low risk investment for parents and their children. 

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