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Most, if not all, states in the United States have an assistive technology program. These programs receive funding through the Assistive Technology Acts passed by U.S. Congress. These programs are typically characterized by the following features:

  • Device demonstration: This feature allows families and individuals to get hands-on experience with the device.

  • Device loan: This feature allows families to bring the device home to try it out for a limited time. (Due to the size of our produce and the cost of shipping, it is not likely that a device loan program will allow for families to try our beds out in this manner.)

  • Reutilization: This feature allows families to look for used devices that are still helpful.

  • State financing: This feature allows families to purchase assistive technology at extraordinarily advantageous rates.

In order to qualify for support from an assistive technology program, a child must have an "assistive technology need." Programs differ from state to state, and it is worth contacting the assistive technology program from your state to see whether they can support you in any manner.

Below is a table with the names of the assistive technology programs in each state. We include the phone number and email address for the program where possible. Last updated: May 17, 2022.

INVITATION: We are constantly learning about how to approach assistive technology program. If you succeed in doing so and have advice on how we can refine our approach for the good of the families we serve, please contact us. We would love to learn everything we can from you and your success.

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